Flight Training at Executive Air


Want to Learn to Fly?

Becoming a pilot is exciting and rewarding. Complete your flight training and lessons to take advantage of an experience that so many people only dream of! Executive Air has made learning to fly fun, interesting, affordable and achievable at the Bismarck Airport since 1973. Our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed flight instructors will train you in a modern Cessna aircraft maintained to the highest standards at our FAA certified maintenance facility.

Flight Training Programs

We offer several outstanding training programs: Recreational Pilot, Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Rating.

Private Training Program
In order to receive your private license, a student must be at least 17 years old and complete the following training under current FAA regulations: 

At least 40 hours of total flight time including:
 - 20 hours of dual instruction including at least
    - 3 hours of cross-country
    - 3 hours of night flight
    - 3 hours within 60 days of test
    - 10 takeoffs and landings at night
    - 3 hours of instrument training
 - 10 hours of solo flight time including
    - 5 hours of cross country flights
    - 3 solo takeoffs and landings
 - Pass the private pilot written test

Contact the flight training department at Executive Air by emailing marketing@executive-air.com or call at (701) 258-5024 or 1-800-932-8924 with any questions you may have, or to schedule a training appointment.

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Discovery Flights

As a way of introducing you to our program, we would like to offer a first flight lesson at a discounted rate! During this lesson, your instructor will explain the program requirements, demonstrate a preflight inspection, and let you actually fly the aircraft. This is not simply an airplane ride - it is your chance to actually control the aircraft from the pilots seat under the careful guidance of your flight instructor. Call us now at 701-258-5024 or e-mail at marketing@executive-air.com to schedule your first flight. Quality flight training is not expensive - it's priceless.

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