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Although Executive Air is able to fly its customers to any destination, here’s a list of the most popular places our customers fly to:



People travel with us to this destination for both business as pleasure. Driving to Minneapolis from Bismarck takes about 6 hours, but if you fly with us you can get there in just over an hour. Many of our customers travel here just for a day or two to take care of business or enjoy a night in the cities. If you’re a Viking fan with VIP tickets, what better feeling is there than to arrive in a private jet, just a few hours before the game starts?




Denver is one of our most popular destinations to visit. For many, it’s too far of a drive from Bismarck, and thanks to all the growing business in Denver, it has become a very popular route for business trips. With our Hawker 800XP, Denver is only 1h & 30mins away!



Las Vegas

Las Vegas probably doesn’t need an introduction. However, the entertainment capital of the world isn’t just about entertainment. We see a number of our clientele travel down here for business just as much as pleasure. Although Las Vegas is known for all of its downtown entertainment that attracts tens of millions of tourists every year, there are still over 2 million people residing and living in Vegas. Our Hawker 800XP can fly you and your family/friends to Vegas from whatever airport you prefer, and at whatever time you’d like.



New York City

New York City is the largest city in the U.S., and so you can imagine how busy the airports are. There are three major public airports in New York City; JFK International, LaGuardia and Newark. These airports are very busy year-round so why not fly our Hawker 800XP to one of the private airports in New York that are a lot less busy? Besides, it’s only a 3 hour flight from Bismarck.



Lake Louise, Banff National Park

Lake Louise is a beautiful place to visit during all seasons. In the summer, it’s a very popular destination for hiking, camping, and catching photographs of those jaw dropping, turquoise-colored lakes. Lake Louise also have a ski resort that gets pretty loaded during the winters. This is one of the most popular ski resorts to visit in North America and the view from the top is something out of the ordinary.


Wollaston Lake Lodge

In the remote reaches of Canada’s serene northern wilderness lies one of the best freshwater fisheries in the entire world – the incomparable Wollaston Lake. More than 100 miles long and 400 feet deep, Wollaston and its surrounding lakes attract seasoned anglers with vast populations of trophy fish of four distinct species: northern pike, lake trout, arctic grayling and walleye. The Grand Slam of freshwater fishing. Let Executive Air show you to the trip of a life-time. To learn more click the link below!