Executive Jet Membership

Buy a block plan and become a member

store your hours on your Executive Jet club card

we think global, but we act local

To become a member of our Executive Jet Club, you’ll need to choose one of our block plans. When signing up as a member, you’ll receive a Executive Jet Club card where all your flight hours will be stored. We’ll also provide you with an exclusive welcome packet. The benefit of the block plan is that everything is pre-paid and so you won’t have to worry about any additional charges to your account after a charter flight. You pay once - and that’s it. If our Hawker 800XP is already booked on your desired date of travel, we will take it upon ourselves to charter in an equally or more exclusive jet for your desired departure time.

What makes us so unique compared to our competitors isn’t our lower prices, it’s our local service. We think global, but we act local. Just like many of our competitors, we can fly our customers anywhere they want to go. However, our customer relationships are very important to us. We always put our clients first and we go far lengths to keep them happy. We’d also like to think of ourselves as very easy to deal with. If there’s ever an issue, talk to us and we’ll be sure to find the right solution for you.



Membership Fee (incl. 10 hours) - $59,500

25 hours - $144,500

50 hours - $279,500

100 hours - $539,500

Per Added Hour - $6,000