Executive Air Taxi Corporation recognizes the unparalleled changes to the EMS industry and we continue to further modify operational and safety procedures.

Safety Focus

Our primary focus is safety and we are committed to keeping up with the latest technology including: 

  • Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS)
  • NEXRAD Weather Radar
  • Traffic Information System (TIS)
  • Flight Following/Skytrac
  • Dual GPS
  • SAT Phone
  • Multi-Band Airborne Communications
  • Searchlite
  • Wirestrike Protection Kit
  • Tail Rotor Pedal Lockout Kit

Safety and the well being of our patients and employees has been and always will be our primary focus.

FAA Standards

Executive Air Taxi Corporation not only meets the FAA standards for crew training we go above and beyond including:

  • Annual FAA Pilot Checkride

  • Quarterly Pilot Proficiency Checkride

  • Helicopter Safety

  • AMRH and CRM

  • Crewmember Flight Following/Skytrac – FAA Operational Control Requirements

Pilot RW Requirements

  • Current FAA Commercial Certificate with rotocraft

  • Current FAA Class II Medical Certificate

  • Helicopter Instrument Rating

  • 2000 total helicopter flight hours

  • 1000 PIC in helicopters

  • 1000 turbine flight hours

  • 200 helicopter unaided flight hours

  • 50 hours actual weather or simulated (hood) aircraft flight hours

  • Preferred: Bell 407 and 206 experience

  • Preferred: ATP helicopter, multi-engine experience, and recent IFR experience