Flying to Save Lives

Supporting our local communities by providing life saving aviation services.

Executive Air Taxi Corporation launched its first air medical program in 1981, maintaining an impeccable safety record under the direction of local owners, who have built an effective and efficient operating model that provides economical services for both the providers and the patients. We place great emphasis on providing superior customer service in all aspects of our services while keeping patient, customer, and employee safety as our primary concern.

Partnered with Trinity Health

Trinity Health First Response Air collaborated with Executive Air to provide fixed-wing and rotary air response and rescue care 24/7 within 150 miles of their Minot base. The aircraft is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to ensure that clinical teams can provide exceptional care for patients. In addition, the cabin is large enough to accommodate a patient’s family member, if appropriate, for the situation.

Our safety Commitment

We recognize the ever-changing EMS industry and are proactive in modifying operational procedures and upgrading to safety features and equipment.


  • Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS)
  • NEXRAD Weather Radar
  • Traffic Information System (TIS)
  • Flight Following/Skytrac
  • Dual GPS
  • SAT Phone
  • Multi-Band Airborne Communications
  • Searchlite
  • Wirestrike Protection Kit
  • Tail Rotor Pedal Lockout Kit

Pilot RW Requirements

  • Current FAA Commercial Certificate with rotocraft
  • Current FAA Class II Medical Certificate
  • Helicopter Instrument Rating
  • 2000 Helicopter flight hours
  • 1000 PIC in helicopters
  • 1000 turbine flight hours
  • 200 helicopter unaided flight hours
  • 50 hours actual weather or simulated (hood) aircraft flight hours
  • Preferred: Bell 407 and 206 experience
  • Preferred: ATP helicopter, multi-engine experience, and recent IFR experience

FAA Standards

  • Annual FAA Pilot Check ride
  • Quarterly Pilot Proficiency Check ride
  • Helicopter Safety
  • AMRH and CRM
  • Crew member Flight Following/Skytrac – FAA Operational Control Requirements

 Air Medical Completion Center

Executive Air Taxi Corporation has earned a solid reputation as a leader in providing custom EMS completions and is a FAA Certified Repair Station and Bell Helicopter Authorized Customer Service Facility.

Organ Transport Services

Executive Air provides critical, time-sensitive organ procurement and transport services to transplant facilities and procurement organizations.

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